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Situated in a beautiful quiet part of Paleochora just below the Venetian fortress Fortezza and thirty meters from the sea, Niki’s rooms are perfect for you if you want your holiday to be scenic, peaceful and with unforgettable memories.

Info about Paleochora

The village and the sea

Peaceful mornings and afternoons in the shade of fragrant lush bougainvilleas and romantic nights under the stars are only some of the things to enjoy while staying here.

The center of Paleochora is five minutes away by foot and even the most remote parts of the village are within an average of ten minutes walk from there. So if you’ re not planning on going out of town you won’t even need a car.

There is always something fun to do on the beach, such as water sports and games, or just good old relaxing and sunbathing. It’s so close that you could even just walk there in your swimsuit and carrying your towel on your shoulders! On the other end of the beach there is a nudist area – the only one inside Paleochora.

There are a lot of beaches around the area that you could cycle to or drive to. Some are serviced with sun beds, umbrellas and cantinas while others you will discover yourself along the southwest coast of Crete.

Walks, hikes and trips

If you walk around the back of the village, you will reach a small harbor, home of all local fishing boats and if you continue your walk up the hill to the fortress then you will offer yourself a stunning view of the whole peninsula and the Libyan sea surrounding it. The sunset from the top of the Fortezza is sensational.

You can also enjoy beautiful nature hikes that begin or pass from Paleochora, such as the Gorge of “Anidri” and the E4 trail.

Boat trips are available through out the summer months that connect with other coastal villages in south west Crete such as Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro and Sfakia. More gorgeous beaches await you there!


There is nightlife in Paleochora for those prepared to handle it, but also some quiet places to enjoy some nice local wine and summer chit chat! Abundant in restaurants with all sorts of food and of course traditional home cooking and fresh fish you will be spoilt for choice!

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